Artist’s Statement

One day, when my son was 4, he decided to experiment with paint. He was quite industrious and very focused. When he was done, he held the paper up to show me and with a beaming smile exclaimed," my eyes don't believe what my hands can do". I paint because of that magic. It is astonishing to witness the transformation of a blank canvas as it morphs into something else.

As a young person, I often had pad, crayons and pencils with me. I took instruction wherever I could. However, it hasn't been until I retired from my psychotherapy practice that I have been able to be more focused on pursuing this passion. I work in many different media, but my true love is oil. I am attracted to its rich, deep and brilliant colors and its tactile sense as the paint hits the canvas.

My subject choice is largely unconscious and it would seem that it is randomly selected. However, I am drawn to natural scenes. I find inspiration everywhere: a tree, a mailbox, a flower, a mooring rope. Sometimes, its simply the juxtaposition of color and shapes in our everyday environment. Unless I feel a strong, energetic connection to an image, my paintings feel flat and uninspired. I've learned to take brush to canvas only when I experience that transporting tug. Then, the mystery of creativity takes over. I am attracted by hues and/or contrast, with a tendency to favor diagonal compositions. Everything I paint has some personal resonance. My art records where I've been, how I felt, and what I thought. I use recurrent images to express these.


Trees are evocative. They all have unique personalities, not unlike people. They can reach up and out to a limitless sky, or be firmly rooted in the earth. Their moods and struggles are echoes of our own—a statement of the connectivity of all of life, emblematic of the human condition.


I have a garden and take great pleasure in witnessing the bursts of blossoms as seeds grow into flowers. Their grace is captivating. Hence, it is not unusual that they appear in my paintings.


The sky with its infinite variety, evokes a timelessness and a sense of the mystical. The colors of sunrises and sunsets; the texture of clouds; the varied blues and grays of the “beyond” inspire awe.


Paths are another recurrent theme: Life has many twists and turns, both within and without our control. We all share the universal dilemma of which direction to follow. The observer can project into these the directions of their decisions. Are paths (decisions) moving towards us or receding from us? Do I want the viewer to enter or exit the canvas?


I am inclined to paint natural scenes with a fence. Although that choice has been outside my awareness, it does represent my struggle of deciding whether I want to keep myself in, or others out. Do we feel "fenced in" by circumstance? Perhaps we all seek safety and boundaries. This series is an opportunity for the viewer to project their dilemmas with these issues. Do you want to keep others out? What do you experience as "your space". Where and how do you feel safe?

If any of my works bring you a greater awareness, a new way of seeing, a sense of recognition or a smile, I have been successful. For me, each new creation brings unexpected challenges. Each canvas pushes and changes me. That is part of the joy of being an artist.

About the Artist


  • BA Major: French Literature, Minor: Fine Arts, University of Rochester, Rochester, New York
  • MA Educational Psychology, University of Rochester, Rochester, New York
  • MSW School of Social Services, Catholic University, Washington, D.C.
  • 2001-2005 Corcoran Gallery of Art, McLean, Virginia
  • 2003 Atelier du Soleil, Aix en Provence, France
  • 2006-present Yellow Barn
  • 2009-2010 John Silver Gallery, Manteo, North Carolina


  • 2001 - 2013 Sea and Sounds Gallery - Manteo, North Carolina
  • 2006 Frank Stick Memorial Show - Roanoke Island, North Carolina
  • 2006 "Making their Mark," Yellow Barn - Glen Echo, Maryland
  • 2008 Mollie Fearing Memorial Art Show
  • 2009 Mollie Fearing Memorial Art Show
  • 2009 Dare County Small Works Show
  • 2009 Popcorn Gallery Members Show - Glen Echo, Maryland
  • 2010 Yellow Barn Members Show, Juried In
  • 2011 Orchard Gallery Group Show - Bethesda, Maryland
  • 2012 Drawing Exhibit, Yellow Barn
  • 2012 Glenview Mansion Holiday Show, Juried In, Honorable Mention
  • 2012 "Life's Impressions," Writers Center - Bethesda, Maryland
    •  Seven paintings in the group show; two of which were selected for their website of the show
  • 2013 Glenview Mansion, Rockville Art League, Juried In - Rockville, Maryland
  • 2013 Chevy Chase Women's Club Annual Art Show - Chevy Chase, Maryland
  • 2013 "Drawing for Art," Exhibition and Fundraiser for Strathmore - Rockville, Maryland
  • 2014 Glenview Mansion, Rockville Art League Holiday Show, Juried, Honorable Mention
  • 2015 Glenview Mansion, Rockville Art League Winter Show, Juried, Second Place
  • 2015 Yellow Barn Members Show, Juried
  • 2015 Artists and Makers, First Anniversary Show - Rockville, Maryland
  • 2015 Fourth Annual Invitational, Penn Place, Juried - Kensington, Maryland
  • 2015 41st Women's Chevy Chase Club Spring Show, First Place, Honorable Mention
  • 2015 Glenview Mansion, Rockville Art League Spring Show, Juried, Honorable Mention
  • 2016 Art at the Mill, Juried Entry - Berryville, Virginia
  • 2016 Paint the Town, Kensington Labor Day Show - Kensington, Maryland
  • 2016 Friendship Heights MAA Show, Honorable Mention - Chevy Chase, Maryland
  • 2016 Glenview Mansion, Rockville Art League, Juried, Honorable Mention - Rockville, Maryland
  • 2016 Artists and Makers Studio Members Group Show - Rockville, Maryland
  • 2016 Yellow Barn Members Show, Juried - Glen Echo, Maryland
  • 2017 Womens Chevy Chase Club Art Show
  • 2017 Brookside Gardens, RAL Show
  • 2017 Rockville Art League Members Spring Show, Juried
  • 2017 "10 New Area Artists," Crown Gallery - Gaithersburg, Maryland
  • 2017 "Small Works," Yellow Barn Gallery - Glen Echo, Maryland
  • 2017 Mollie Fearing Art Show - Manteo, North Carolina
  • 2017 Friendship Heights Art Show - Chevy Chase, Maryland
  • 2017 Art at the Mill Spring Show, Juried - Clark County, Virginia
  • 2017 Rockville Art League Winter Show, Juried
  • 2017 Yellow Barn Members Show, Juried - Glen Echo, Maryland
  • 2018 Art at the Mill, Spring Show, Juried - Clarke County, Virginia
  • 2018 Art and Earth Exhibit, Juried - Berkley Springs, West Virginia
  • 2018 Oasis Art Show, MA - Bethesda, Maryland
  • 2018 Chevy Chase Woman's Club Spring Show
  • 2018 National Exhibit at Delaplaine Gallery, Juried - Frederick, Maryland
  • 2018 "Shared Visions," Rockville Unitarian Church - Rockville, Maryland
  • 2018 Yellow Barn Members Show, Juried - Glen Echo, Maryland